1. What is Holistic Child Development, and what is the HCD Institute?

Holistic Child Development addresses all aspects of the child's development, not just one part. By guiding children through a program that develops them intellectually, physically, socio-emotionally, and spiritually, they are given the best opportunity to overcome the obstacles in their past and achieve all that God has in store for their lives.

By offering practical, philosophical and theological courses that teach HCD, the Holistic Child Development Institute (HCD Institute) is committed to helping grow the understanding of child development that takes into account the spiritual, mental, socio-emotional, and physical aspects of a person.

2. What types of courses are offered by the HCD Institute?

The HCD Institute offers short introductory courses for practitioners just beginning to work with children and more advanced courses for workers who are looking to increase their knowledge of child development philosophy and practice.

3. I know other people that could benefit from HCD training... how do I do that?

You can invite them to join ForChildren.com and take free online courses at the HCD Institute!

4. Can I partner with HCD Institute to offer training specific for my organization?

Yes! The HCD Institute wants to collaborate with others who are passionate about children to host online training courses specific to their organization. For example, a church denomination could host a Child Protection training module on the HCD Institute that their children's ministry workers are required to take. A seminary could host for-credit online courses about child theology and the role of children in the Kingdom of God. We would love to talk with you about partnering together in the cause!

5. I've developed my own HCD training materials; can I share them here?

Yes! We are looking for partners who have excellent training programs for Holistic Child Development, child theology, and more. Resources and videos can be shared on ForChildren.com on the Discover page; contact us if you want to share an online course at the HCD Institute.

6. I've never taken an online course before. Where do I start?

We are glad you are here! An online course is an easy way to learn on your own, outside of the classroom. If you click the middle blue tab on the Learn home page, you can look at a list of all the courses offered at the HCD Institute. Clicking on the title of the course will begin the course; you will click a forward arrow to move to the next page, and a back arrow in case you need to return to a page. Each course has detailed instructions of how to navigate it - don't worry that it's your first time. If you have any questions or need help, you can always submit a question and the ForChildren.com team will be happy to serve you!

7. My question wasn't answered here. How can I get help?

Click the "Contact Us” link on the bottom right of the ForChildren.com home page. Submit your name, email, and question using the form on the Contact Us page, and someone from the ForChildren team will be in touch with you shortly!

Last modified: Saturday, 4 March 2017, 2:40 AM